Download Quizmaster's Utility

Quizmaster's Utility helps manage a quiz by connecting to the acme interface, reporting pad states, and randomizing question sets. It is highly configurable with features and preferences designed to assist the quizmaster.

First, download and install Quizmaster's Utility:


Windows will warn you about unknown programs. Click More Info to allow the installation.

Once Quizmaster's Utility is installed, download one of the question sets below or load your own:

You can now download question sets in the program directly via:
File->Available Sets (requires internet connection)


Epistles February

Epistles December
Epistles September

Old sets:

(2022-23) Acts
(2021-22) Romans James & Revelation
(2020-21) Matthew
(2019-20) Mark Hebrews & Peters
(2017-18) Corinthians Johns & Jude

Other sets:

MLQ - Psalms & Acts

Additional Info:

User Guide

Version History


Daniel Hickox